Solutions for Small Businesses



As a business owner, you have a lot of things going on that you need help with, from a Business Loan to Digital Scratch Off Coupons to Security/Surveillance. Wouldn’t it be nice to just press a button to get a solution to our problems and concerns?

OvdL Consulting is a full service consulting company that has brought many services together under one umbrella that will allow you a one-stop shopping. OvdL Consulting has a collaborative panel of consultants that have extensive experience, and have owned their own businesses which specializes in a number of areas.

Our consultants have expertise in the following areas: Business Plans; Loan Applications, Payment-plans; Cash Flow; Printing Needs; Sales; Digital Scratch Off Coupons, Gift Cards, Importing; ATM’s; Public Relations, Merchant Services, Computer Networking; Online Marketing, Social Media, Website Optimization, Mobile App’s, POS Cloud Based Systems, VOIP (Internet Phone) Systems and Premise Security & Surveillance.

OvdL Consulting concentrates on fulfilling every necessity of small businesses. Our President Mr Onne van der Laak has over 2 decades of top management experience, we manage different companies (LinkedIn) as Mr van der Laak has built a team of highly trained consultants to provide the up-most quality of service resulting to satisfied clients.

We offer a full line of small business consulting and website marketing services focusing on helping the business owner with being your “one stop shop”, as we focus mostly on small business creating excitement with flexible dynamics that a small business has.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to act as a trusted extension of our clients’ marketing and business objectives.

Our Values

Cooperation and positive communication are the cornerstones of a harmonious business relationship. From there, business relationships survive from our commitment, dedication and integrity to the client. Our service must utilize the maximum available resources to improve any individual, company or organization. The client must continue to have the freedom to make decisions and changes while relying on our guidance and expertise. We are committed and accountable to produce quality work and deliver with the highest respect to our customer.