We are dedicated to helping small business success by providing a variety of high quality services. But we do more than that.

Giving back to our community has been very rewarding on every level. We have chosen to give a percentage, volunteering for hunger relieve organizations and the homeless community in the Denver Metro area, helping families in need. We volunteer for many non-profit agencies that focus on helping and feeding the hunger and the homeless. OvdL Consulting and our partners love to serve our community and we also give a percentage of our profits to help support some of these great organizations.

Here are some of the groups we support with in kind donations, a business percentage from our services / products we offer and volunteer with:

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The onaWroll Enterprise (helping the homeless community)

What is an onaWroll? A Dutch-crepe surrounding a delicious blend of a sweet or savory filling of fruit, vegetables, meat or fish


From day one, onaWroll enterprise will be dedicated to product freshness and quality. It is our mission to create only wholesome, honest, fresh food … not processed, not full of fat or preservatives, not pre-cut or pre-shredded… just wholesome, fresh food to delight, inspire and nourish. It matters that fruits and vegetables are sourced close to home to have that “just-picked” flavor… It matters that meats and fish are of the highest quality…It matters to you and it matters to us!


Our goal is to produce the onaWrollf or wholesale distribtuion to retail stores in year one with additional distribution channels to include kiosks in airports, malls and high traffic areas – eventually moving into manufacturing the product in our own manufacturing facility.  The onaWroll production will not be outsourced, rather, jobs will be created for people in transition from homelessness and formerly incarcerated people – all with the goal to offer job training that builds management, leadership and hospiltality skills for entry level positions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A large percentage of onaWroll profits will be dedicted to funding a resource center where the homeless and formerly incarcerated inidivduals have access to a strength-based re-entry program that offers access to resources for housing, GED classes, education and training that build self-sufficiency.

The resource center will not be created as a nonprofit entity, rather the business will be established as a for profit business.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for the Homeless Community is simple –meet the basic needs of those who don’t have the basics of life – shelter and food… by creating Hope, Faith and Love that gives our Homeless Community the support and resources to be self-sufficient with dignity and respect.

“We believe talking about change, changes little”. We have a vision to change the lives of many. Creating awareness about the homeless community doesn’t stop homelessness, change takes action. This is what the onaWroll Enterprise concept is all about –creating and implementing solutions that meet basic needs, and thereby creating a positive impact in our communities.  We will empower our staff and partners to participate in a collective impact effort to support those in need. With the help of businesses, communities and individuals, the onaWroll concept will be adopted and supported in communities.

The Table (feeding 200/300 families weekly)

The Jefferson County Responsible Fatherhood Program

The purpose of the Fatherhood Program is to provide education and support for individuals desiring to enrich their lives and their children’s’ lives while providing peer-based engagement, motivation and indefinite support to individual fathers and families.

As part of the Fatherhood program, fathers, and mothers, are educated about practical parenting styles and skills. Emphasis is placed on the critical need for fathers to be active in parenting their children as well as serving as positive role models for other children in our communities.

The Fatherhood Program will assist dads to identify and overcome barriers they face in maintaining an active role in their children’s lives, becoming and remaining current on financial obligations to their children and finding ongoing support in the community.

Through a case-planning process, a dad’s strengths will be identified, opportunities evaluated and discussed and a simple, written plan formulated.
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The Adventure Cycling Tour (Kenya, Africa)

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