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Right now, the ATM machine business is thriving. ATMs continue to generate reliable, steady revenue for merchants, financial institutions and independent operators. As the largest non-bank ATM operator with more than 60,000 machines across the country, PAI offers unparalleled expertise, service and support. Why Choose PAI’s ATM Business Solutions?

If you have a business where customers use cash then we can help. You can buy an ATM machine from us. We will maintain the machine — put money in it, fix it when it’s broken, etc. You get the cash sales and also a percentage of the fees generated.

atm machineAs a Master Distributor for all major brands of ATM machines, we can offer the best ATM equipment having a lease or a Payment-plan.

  • As an ISO award-winning processor, we provide secure, affordable processing that puts more money in your hands.
  • We’re known throughout the industry for our fast, excellent service and support, just a phone call away
  • We provide a simple, secure web-based real-time 24/7 reporting tool, PAI Reports, so you can track the profitability of your ATMs from anywhere, at any time.
  • Complete Management for your ATM Machines
  • Off-premise or on-premise ATM machine management
  • Cash dispense only
  • Vault cash management
  • Parts and supplies
  • Multi-level reporting and reconciliation
  • We will help you understand how to operate a successful ATM machine business and work with you to maximize the income of your new or existing ATM program!

Have your G1900 or Halo ATM “No Credit Needed” Payment Plan; payments are less than $300.00 per month for 13 Months including a onetime down-payment depending on the results of your documentation:

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