Mobile Apps


More and more individuals are browsing on their tablets & smartphones using apps in addition to websites. There are many types of the businesses that can benefit from creating an app. We can even integrate your new app with your website…no website as of yet or is your website outdated we will include your FREE busines website.

We have many exciting features to be rolled out with your own business app (Windows), Android and IOS

  • News and updates
  • Rewards; mobile loyalty coupons to reward your loyal customers
  • Support ticket requests
  • Ordering; mobile product ordering
  • Communications tools, conference call numbers and webinars
  • Scheduling; mobile appointment scheduling
  • Features and enhancement requests
  • Notifications; message board of your push notifications
  • Release notes about new features
  • News and press
  • Video library of support videos and promotional videos
  • Blog
  • Mobile app marketing tips and best practices
  • Success stories
  • Mobile marketing tip of the week
  • Share
  • Our portfolio of services
  • Sample apps
  • Mobile app news and industry news

Who will want a Private App?

  1. Sales teams
  2. Apps for trainers, coaches and others who want to sell their content and not worry about it being given away to the pubic
  3. NFL and other sports teams for internal communications
  4. Service organizations who want direct private communications with just their clients or team members
  5. Human Resource departments who want to share information with their employees
  6. Medium to large companies who want to stay connected to their employees
  7. Professional organizations who want to communicate with their members
  8. Police departments and law enforcement
  9. Corporate boards – we can create an app for the board members of corporations that only board members have and it’s safe as the content is only for board member
  10. Many and many more organizations…

It’s huge. These apps are a new frontier in communication and distribution of information. Most all of our clients will want to keep their current public facing apps and then want to deploy a private app for internal use with employees, members, clients. These new private apps will only magnify your opportunities with clients because now companies or organizations will deploy public apps and many apps within their own organization. Look at these examples:

  1. Sports Teams
  • Public app for fans and followers
  • App for coaches only
  • App for parents and players
  1. Restaurant
  • App for the public
  • App for management team
  • App for employees
  1. Corporations and Organizations:
  • App for public
  • App for Board members
  • App for executives
  • App for employees
  • App for service to clients
  • App for partners, and re-sellers and vendors
  • Apps for special teams
  • Apps for projects

Build your Custom Moile App Now: