Realtor Apps

realtor-appThe following is the current feature set for the custom mobile apps we provide for Realtors® through the Mobile App Network.

  • Push Notifications – This one is huge. This allows you from an iPhone or PC to notify all the people who have down loaded your app of news, updates and listings. No more keeping an email list or text messaging. How cool would it be for you as an agent to sign a listing contract and walk out to your car and whip out your smartphone and send a push notification to all your clients and perspective clients of a new listing? Talk about power. You could also use the push notification for news, interest rate moves, announcing of sales. You can stay in touch with your entire customer base where ever you are. Notify them of open houses… its almost endless.
  • Open House Schedule – The app allows you to post all your open houses on a calendar. You can send push notifications to invite people and the open house calendar has once click driving directions so no figuring out where they are. You can even post pictures of the homes so people can make a decision of if they are interested.
  • Client Profile – This one is a cool feature. You tell the prospective client to download the app and then fill out their profile in the app. This spawns an email to you and allows you to have profiles on file in the system of all your clients, what their needs and wants are. You could have a buyer profile and a seller profile
  • Listings – the ability for your clients to look at listings in the area they want.
  • School Finder – link to regional and national school finder with ratings of each school
  • Instant Interest Rate – links to the current interest rate. Real time
  • Mortgage Rate Calculator – figure payments on the spot
  • Neighborhood Stats –  links to profile any area and neighborhood with crime, per capita income, and other vital stats
  • Realtor Bio – This is an app about you, not your Brokerage firm – your bio, pictures and details
  • Customized – in your brand, yes, we will have your Brokerage firm logos but this app is customized to build your business
  • Social Media  Integration – customized with your links
  • Website Integration – we can integrate your existing websites
  • Buying Tips – recommendations on things to look for when buying
  • Selling Tips – recommendations on things to do when selling
  • House Cam – the ability to send and receive photos
  • Other links – we can aggregate any content from any website

The apps are affordable for all budgets. This is by far the best tool you can have as a Realtor as it really puts your business on the pockets of your clients and prospects 24/7. You work hard, you juggle a lot and this app will make your life so much easier.