Results for Nationwide Resellers

  • A Business-in-a-box add on that is easy for you to implement
  • You give local merchants the chance to win something your company already offers
  • Higher engagement and relationship building for your sales people
  • Your Own Back Office

Since we know, small businesses don’t have time to market on their own, they have a business to run, Season Deals Logistic Partners can have their sales force offer them a easy way to become their mobile marketing consultant.

Our Business-in-a-box solution brings together innovative technology to manage mobile/social marketing campaigns. It provides an integrated solution for you as our spokesperson, to help local retailer and brands to create effective and engaging mobile/social coupon campaigns.

Season Deals is build on two pilars. You selling and we creating mobile campaigns for local retailer and publishing them to your clients facebook fanpage, where publishing to any other media, is a breeze with our platform. Secondly, since we harvest client email addresses from everyone that engage your coupons, and those of merchants in your local area, your clients campaigns can also be emailed to all subscribers, weekly.

Our focus is to the small to medium-sized businesses, local retailer and mom-and-pop shops, they all need to engage customers through mobile and via social media. Local businesses would like to fill their social time lines with coupon deals, gift cards and promotions, but don’t have the time and knowledge for it. offers a Mobile Campaign Software solution for entrepreneurs like you, who want to manage the selling of social advertising campaigns for the mobile smartphone: Local retailers take advantage of platform and know-how.

For your Sales Team

  • A unique and additional selling experience for your sales team
  • An innovative marketing solution that drives more sales to your store
  • An additional method for your sales team to score extra commission by CROSS-UP SELLING with their existing clients?


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