Sports Apps


sports-appThe Mobile App Network is upping the game for youth and high school clubs/organizations and teams with our new Snap Rewards Fundraiser feature that can be added to any Mobile App we provide.

Snap Rewards Fundraising – Raise money for your program year round with our receipt submission feature that pays you for shopping with local vendors. Here is how the feature works:

  • Nominate local businesses – send us a list of local businesses that you your families love to patronize and do business with because they are community oriented and support schools and nonprofit fundraising.
  • We sign them up – Our team will call the local businesses and sign them up for the program and these businesses will make the decision on what type of rebate they will offer per transaction. 5%, 10%, 15% etc.
  • Your mobile app users patronize the participating businesses – shop and patronize your favorite business just like normal.
  • Snap a photo of your receipt – using the Receipt Cam and Submission Form tabs, you snap a photo of your receipt and fill out the short form and submit your receipts
  • Get Paid – each month our system will send your organization a report of the sales from all the vendors your users patronized and you will receive a check each month from the participating businesses

Get a custom mobile app to manage your team and bring much needed revenue to your program today. Call us today for the details.